The bakery was established in 1884. Five generations of LeJeune's have been baking it's French Bread and ginger cakes. We have kept the traditions of the past alive and still bake our bread and ginger cakes as our ancestors did over 100 years ago!

Most modern bakeries cut cost by automating it's operation with modern equipment to increase production with less labor cost. However, in doing so, you also lose some of the quality of the baked goods. Here at LeJeune's, every load of French Bread and every Ginger Cake is made with pride from scratch handed down from one generation to another. Our recipes are all done by hand, the same way the first generation did back in 1884!

LeJeune's Bakery was the first in Louisiana to be named in the National Registry of Historic places. We are very proud to bring to you the same great quality products that our ancestors did.

With modern technology, we are pleased to be able to bring these products to you today via the internet.

Pictured above is Matt LeJeune, the fifth generation of LeJeune's bakers.